FeatherLit is a new online zine for literary erotica and sex writing.

It’s a place for experimental, though provoking, inventive and unusual work, whether in the form of fiction, poetry, essay or memoir.

FeatherLit was hatched out of a yearning for a particular kind of place. I wanted to make a space where we could celebrate writing that explores sex and sexuality without always feeling the need for a money shot. Writing that asks questions, that takes risks and is not ashamed to use the word ‘literary’ in the same breath as ‘sex’.

These are some of the reasons I’m launching FeatherLit.

I hope to bring new, fresh, exciting work to the net every month. This work can be erotic or it can be thoughtful or both. It doesn’t even need to include sex (although of course often it will). It does, however, need to excite and inspire the reader. There are no limits other than that of 500 words. (And even that is open to discussion). Once a year I hope to publish a collection of the best stories.

I’m launching with an open mind and a willingness to make mistakes. I don’t even know yet where all this might go, but I’m looking forward to the journey.

I hope you’ll join me.


Hope is the thing with feathers

– Emily Dickinson