Girl Fever, edited by Sacchi Green, is now available!

My story, ‘Lure’, indulges my bird fetish with a short, shifting story of an obsessive affair.

She was hovering over the jewellery case when I saw her first, her face a double reflection – two smiles, two sets of teeth. Her fingers tapped the glass, pointed out a silver pheasant studded with paste diamonds.

‘How much is the peacock?’ Her voice had Irish notes.

I smiled. I didn’t correct her.

‘Let me buy you a drink and I’ll call it a gift.’

There was a pause, during which I fell over, burst into tears, apologised profusely, tore my clothes off and lay down on the ground and stopped moving.

‘Yeah. Sure. Five o’clock?’

I breathed out and released the moon from where I’d stuck it in orbit, let the tides return to normal and the birds sing again.