I’m proud of this wee story. It was inspired by the story of the Osculum Infame, and is the desperate, romantic and quite dark story of a witchhunt.

‘I kissed his arse, yes, I did, you pea brained cat faced bastards. I tore my clothes from off my back and beat myself about the body. With the dirt ingrained under my nails, and the leaves in my hair and the smell of eggs and smoke on my skin. I swayed towards him like I was drunk, knowing he wanted me, knowing he cared not for a polished rump sweet as a windfallen apple, nor the fine soft hair of a noble woman.
I know what he wanted. My hardened bones and my open, loud calling mouth. The ferocious heat between my legs, how it burned and burned. Tie me to the stake and I’ll shiver with joy. I’ll feel the flame lick up my legs, feel the fire snap at my buttocks. I’ll fuck your fire. Watch me.’

The book is edited by Maxim Jakubowski, and out in 2013.