Well. The planets must have aligned! My poetry publishing record has gone from a squeak to a veritable babble, all of a sudden. Here goes:

A series of four poems titled ‘All Of Us Here Know More Than You Think’ will be appearing in the next issue of Valve.

Four poems will be appearing in the next issue of Iota – ‘Burning Diaries’, ‘Isadora Duncan’s Last Words’, ‘Worry Beads’ and ‘The Rest’.

My poem ‘How To Love An Ugly Woman’ will be appearing in Unshod Quills‘ Summer/Fall issue.

‘At Polmont Prison’ will be in Gutter 09.

Last and very much not least: ‘The Walk Of Shame’ is set to appear in an anthology, ‘The Poetry Of Sex’, edited by Sophie Hannah – hardback from Viking next year, Penguin softcover the next. At last the erotic twines with the poetry!

I am absolutely thrilled. And yes, I probably should wait to announce all this until everything is actually in print/online. But as of yesterday I’m supposed to be on maternity leave, so I’ll throw it all out there and later repent if necessary … hooray!

(Meanwhile, still working on the poetry pamphlet. Expect sex and roadkill.)