Much afoot lately. I’ve been neglecting this website and forgetting things left, right and centre. With one demanding child and one small baby, plus various projects, every day seems like a small and difficult mountain. Especially if it involves supermarkets. *shudders*.

Anyway, I’ve been working on my pamphlet – at the printer’s as we speak. Here’s the cover:



Out soon from Red Squirrel Press.

And I’ve been practising for StAnza festival – I’ll be reading on Friday at the Poetry Scotland showcase. Still agonising over poems and how to read them. I’m the opposite of a performer, so this is a tough call for me.

Recent publications include XOXO and Best Erotic Romance 2014 – this latter just out, and I’m a little nervous about how my story will be received. It’s a bit more … naked? … than I tend to write. Also a poem the Poetry of Sex anthology.

Otherwise, I’m writing poems for Jo Bell’s 52 group. And trying to move house. And dreaming of househunting, poems, babies and schools, when I’m sleeping at all. What did they say, your thirties are ‘the tired years’? It’s true, but sometime soon things have to slow down.

Either that or I need staff, goddamit.