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There was a moment in which the night seemed to expand around them, and then Kara thought she heard the sound of her heart starting to break.

This was all wrong. How could she go places without him? She started to apologise, to take everything back, but before she could get the words out of her mouth, he kissed her.

His mouth was soft and warm, and his touch was decisive. It took her off guard, and before she knew what was happening he was pushing her back against the iron railings. His arms locked around her waist and he kept on kissing her, tilting her head back and thrusting his tongue inside her mouth, biting at her bottom lip and attacking her again, almost angrily.

Under the thin cotton of his T-shirt, the familiar feel of his taut body moved under her hands. She clutched at him and tried to pull away for a moment to explain, but he wasn’t about to let go. He held her hips, rigid, bending her back until her shoulder blades dug into the fence. As his tongue plunged inside her mouth, hard and searching, running along her teeth, she realised what he was doing.

The kiss was a way to silence her. It was also his way of saying goodbye.

The tears started again, flowed silently down her face and ran into the kiss. She tasted the salt of them, mixed in with Tam and the sweet, sharp taste of blood.


– from The New Rakes. xxx

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