The New Rakes

(2008) is a rock and roll love story set in Glasgow’s musical underground. It follows Kara, a singer-songwriter torn between her long-time musical companion, Tam, and her seductive but controlling old tutor, Mike. There’s a lot of sex in this book. An exhausting amount of sex, in fact. Still, I was delighted to read this review:

… raw and simple. The background of the story is entirely credible but painted in broad, clean brushstrokes that allow the characters to come to the fore. The scenes are filled with drama and tension; it’s an emphatically erotic tension and it’s sustained for the duration of the narrative.

Vanessa Wu

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Circus Excite

My first novel, Circus Excite follows Julia Spark on an erotic adventure. She joins a circus and travels across the UK, from Brighton to the Edinburgh festival via Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach. I wrote this novel years ago. I can’t even remember most of it. I may have drawn a veil over it, as I’m fairly sure I had no idea what I was doing at the time. Probably heavily influenced by Anais Nin. And red wine.

Nikki Magennis’s Circus Excite – a beautiful and very hot book full of magic and wonder and smut. Literary erotica. In a good way – a really good way

Mathilde Madden – review for Reflection’s Edge

Amazon UK

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